Saturday, April 20, 2013

Apartment Living: Making Your Space a Home

While living in an apartment, it can be difficult to make it personal. Most places do not allow painting or changing the space significantly. This makes it imperative to be creative. Use unexpected pieces to liven up your area. A few statement pieces can bring a space together. Currently, my living room has a green and blue color scheme. I have a creative lamp with a blue shade, and a collection of pottery pig banks with blue flowers. Along with some neutral shades of brown and green, these statement pieces really pop out. Here are some examples of d├ęcor that gets it right!
This apartment uses neutral colors to make the pink objects pop. Curtains, pillows, and flowers are inexpensive pieces that can be changed easily.
This living room uses mostly black and white objects to bring the room together. As you can see on the left, it has been made more personal with a collection of photographs, while there are some interesting statement pieces around the room. This is a very classy look, that isn't too feminine, if you are living with a male partner.

Now Millie, you are probably saying, where are all the books? This last example shows how you can decorate using your love of books. These books make an interesting backdrop and are an easy conversation starter.

Have fun decorating your new space!

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